You should be ashamed of yourself

Computer Science, as a field, is relatively young. New advances are being created daily; both the theory and implementation are evolving at a rapid rate.

The tools we use, both hardware and software, are also changing. Not too long ago everyone programmed with 80 character wide screens. Now, wide 1080p screens may be considered too small.

Looking back at how we worked a mere 10 years ago is both frustrating and embarrassing. Similarly, looking back at your own work from only one year ago should make you wonder what you were thinking at the time. More than once, I’ve reviewed old code of mine and was unable to recognize the style.

If you look at your previous work and say, “I wouldn’t change a thing”, then you haven’t grown as a programmer. The field itself will leave you behind as you stagnate in your ways.

Instead, you need to get outside your box and learn new techniques. Learning a new language, even only the basics, will let you see your own work in new ways.

Look at yourself one year ago and be embarrassed. You’ve grown since then and learned new ways to solve problems. Be proud of that embarrassment, but don’t be too proud. You’ll be embarrassing yourself a year from now.

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