The New Console Wars

With the release of the XBox One, the new console wars have finally begun. Depending on whom you talk to, the reaction is either a big yawn or an enraged scream.

Of the three big consoles, none really hit the niche I’m looking for. As a parent of a toddler, who isn’t allowed to watch TV, and a newborn, I don’t have much time to actually play console games. Instead, we use a PS3 as a media center. The XBox 360 and Wii are both collecting dust.

Wii U’s ability to play games on a handheld screen is really appealing to me. If my wife wants to watch Grey’s Anatomy, I could still fit in some play time. However, the only good games released on the Wii were existing Nintendo properties, and there is only so much Mario I can play before I get sick of it.

Sony wants to focus on social with their PS4. I personally can stand social. The only reason I’m on Facebook is so I can update friends and family on my kids’ lives, not mine. I don’t want to automatically post about whatever game I’m playing as none of my friends care about gaming.

Microsoft’s XBox One is the most intriguing as they are gearing it towards the media hub that I want. I use my PS3 as a media hub all the time. However, instead of having a cable subscription, we use PlayOn and Netflix to watch all our shows. The new XBox doesn’t really give me anything new. Controlling live television with Kinect and being able to swap between TV and games instantly are great, but Microsoft insists on charging for services to which I already subscribe and will use far more than Live TV or gaming. I loved Netflix on the 360 until my gold subscription ran out, hence the reason I use PS3 now instead of my XBox.

Each console seems to offer a piece of what I’m looking for in a gaming console and media center, but they all have downsides that will keep me away. I suppose it doesn’t matter much at this point; I won’t be purchasing a new console until the inevitable price drop anyway.

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