KH3 on PS4

It was announced yesterday, Kingdom Hearts 3 will be released on the PS4, and I’m a bit disappointed.

I’ve been a fan of the Kingdom Hearts series for a long time now. I even get into the convoluted plots that can’t withstand the slightest internal contradictions (why is it that keychains are the only way to change the keyblade in KH1, but the rest of the series makes it clear that there are hundreds of different keyblades?).

My first introduction to Kingdom Hearts was when my brother gave me the first game as a Christmas present. Neither of us knew much about it other than that it merged Disney characters with Final Fantasy characters. Since we didn’t know much about Final Fantasy, this didn’t explain much.

There was also the fact that I never saw any of the “classic” Disney movies. I still have never seen Cinderella, Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, Pinocchio, or many other films used by the Kingdom Hearts franchise.

I played through the first Kingdom Hearts without paying much attention. I liked the action / RPG gameplay which I had never played before, but I wouldn’t have been able to summarize the plot for you.

I had recently purchased a Game Boy Advanced when Chain of Memories came out. Picking it up on a whim, I played through the game on a trip to Duluth. Because of the simple gameplay, the plot really stood out more, and I began to see some inklings of the story.

I played through the first game once more, attempting to understand what was happening and I was drawn in. I’ve always enjoyed the light vs. dark metaphor and Kingdom Hearts did a good job of employing it throughout the plot. This play through, I made it to level 99 with the intent of finally beating Sepheroth (never did beat him).

Afterwards, I was very excited about the next entry in the series. Kingdom Hearts 2 finally came out and I immediately loaded it up after purchasing it, not knowing about the 6 hours of introduction before the title screen appears. After this, I was finally interested in Final Fantasy and have been playing the entire series since (except FFVIII, that game sucks).

Already owning a PSP, I played Birth By Sleep once it was out. Dream Drop Distance was my excuse to purchase a 3DS which also let me play 3582 Days once I found a used copy (but that disappointing game has kept me from searching for RE: Coded).

With the exception of the handheld spinoffs, the main series games were both on the PS2. After playing through KH2, which came out late in the console’s life, it seemed inevitable that KH3 would be on the PS3. However, instead of announcing the next numbered entry in the series, they kept creating new handheld games.

Rumor had it that the director of KH3 wouldn’t work on the game until Final Fantasy Versus XIII was complete. Versus XIII was announced in 2006 and is now planned to be called Final Fantasy XV instead. 7 years later and it still hasn’t been released.

Now, KH3 has been announced for PS4, skipping an entire generation of consoles. Kingdom Hearts was enough motivation to purchase a $170 handheld with a decent library behind it, but there’s no way it can get me to purchase a $400 console with no other games. I guess I’ll just put it on my “to play” list and pick it up used once the console drops in price.

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